A New Standard of Care

We are pleased to provide comprehensive preventive and therapeutic care in the areas of gynecology and obstetrics.

Providing comprehensive care in gynecology and obstetrics...

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Price list

First examination - prevention (history, gynecology exam., OC + colposcopy, ultrasound examination, consultation + recommendations)900 - 1.200,- CZK
1 year follow-up examination900 - 1.000,- CZK
Acute tests (gynecology exam. + UZ + tutorial recommendations)500 - 800,- CZK
Control ultrasound examination (consultation + recommendations)500,- CZK
Check-ups during pregnancy700 - 1.500,- CZK
Prescription (Receipt)free of charge
Specialized examination - gynecological - options for surgery, "second opinion"500 - 1.200,- CZK
Antenatal consultations500,- CZK / 20 min.
HPV (Human papiloma virus) testing, KTC (cultivation), or PB (punch biopsy) (+ Payment to specialist laboratory) 500,- CZK
Care during pregnancy – standard7.000,- CZK
Care during pregnancy – full service39.000,- CZK
Other laboratory diagnostics are based according to the current price list of the laboratory

Office hours

Monday15:00 - 19:00MUDr. Heřman
Tuesday15:00 - 19:00MUDr. Hašlík
Wednesday16:00 - 20:00MUDr. Kubešová / MUDr. Faridová
Thursday15:00 - 19:00MUDr. Hanulíková