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We are pleased to provide comprehensive preventive and therapeutic care in the areas of gynecology and obstetrics.

Providing comprehensive care in gynecology and obstetrics...

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We know that choosing the right doctor for your gynecological and obstetric needs is one of the most important decisions you will make for your health. That is why we are pleased to offer our patients quality and care they can trust, allwithin the comfort of our modern clinic. We believe in the importance of caring for a woman’s long-term health throughout the many stages of her life. Ourmission is to create relationships with our patients, understand their needs, andensure the highest level of care. Our wide-ranging and detailed services include yearly well-woman exams, HPV screenings and vaccinations, treatment of sterility, birth control counseling and menopausal support. In addition, we provide consultations to determine the best course of action in the case of gynecological operations. In cooperation with our specialists we also provide care in the areas of pediatric gynecology, breast health, diagnosis and treatment of incontinence, aesthetic treatments and rehabilitation. Obstetric care is provided in conjunction with the maternity ward at the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child in Prague – Podolí (ÚPMD) and includes check-ups throughout pregnancy, all ultrasounds, addressing the special needs of high-risk pregnancies, providing personal assistance during childbirth, as well as providing care after the birth and in the postpartum period.

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Monday15:00 - 19:00MUDr. Heřman
Tuesday15:00 - 19:00MUDr. Hašlík
Wednesday16:00 - 20:00MUDr. Kubešová / MUDr. Faridová
Thursday15:00 - 19:00MUDr. Hanulíková