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Your Pregnancy Week by Week: Weeks 37 - 40

The wait is finally over. Your baby is fully developed and ready to make their entrance into the world. Now to make sure YOU are ready.

Your Body
At this point in your pregnancy you may feel the baby move further down your pelvis. This is called “lightening” and happens mostly with first-time moms. The lightening may help you breathe a bit better, but you may also notice you’re going to the bathroom much more often. You may also experience urges to clean your home top to bottom and prepare everything for the baby’s nursery. This “nesting” instinct is, of course, quite normal. You will be visiting the hospital on a weekly basis, so make sure you have your hospital bag ready to go, and all your paperwork on hand in case you go into labor. If you have ANY concerns, contact your doctor.

Your Baby
You baby is now fully developed and ready to make their entrance. The fine hair (lanugo) has gone, as well as most of the vernix, though you may see both on your newborn. The baby’s skin is smooth and will range from a white to a blue-ish pink tone. The baby’s reflexes that are needed for survival (sucking, rooting, crying, etc.) are firmly in place. The baby’s immune system is now strong enough to handle minor infections, and has passive immunity to diseases you have antibodies for. However, since this immunity is only passive, it will be important to discuss immunizations with the baby’s pediatrician.

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